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With typography, the term glyph refers to a specific character in a font. For example, the letter “i” is a small square with vertical and horizontal lines in it. In contrast, the word “tee” is one large block of solid color. In order for text to be readable, it must be composed of letters that are drawn correctly. So when a font is too small or heavy, it can result in messy readability. However, when the font is too big or light weight, then it can make the text hard to read as well.

There are two main types of typography: serif and sans-serif. Serif fonts have little lines at the end of each letter; this style is generally more formal than Sans-serif fonts which do not have these extra lines at the end of each letter. There are several other variants of both styles; however, they all fall under the general category of typefaces (which stands for typeface) in order to accurately describe them all.

Monospaced fonts are another type of typography that has been used over the years and still remains popular today. This style was introduced because they were easier to read than other fonts at smaller sizes

The world’s first thing that comes to mind when thinking about fonts is the glyphs themselves. But fonts are more than just the set of characters they contain; they’re also the font file format itself. The goal of a font is to provide a consistent visual style across different devices, and there are several different rules for how this can be accomplished.

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