Athletic font generator

The Best Free athletic Fonts generator for your Tattoos, Designs and social media

Athletic fonts are fonts used for legibility in sports. These fonts feature a large x-height and narrow letter spacing to give athletes clear lines of text when looking over their shoulders, as well as to make the text easier to read from a distance. Although most athletic fonts are intended for people who are reading quickly, there are also several font designs specifically designed for athletes who need to be able to read or write quickly with their eyes on the ball, without taking their hands off it. The most common design features of an athletic font include:

A display style (with small caps) and a sans-serif (without serifs) style. A display style is typically used when writing, while a sans-serif style is typically used when reading. Large x-heights and narrow letter spacing that gives the text a clear line of sight.

A weight that is heavy enough to stand out on its own, but not so heavy that it makes the font difficult to read at close range.

A variety of options like italics, bolded text, underlines and strikethroughs so that you can customize your text to your personal preferences.

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